The E2 Supercar kit's WP190 supercharger is finished in black and, in addition to all those horses, endows the Commodore with 592 pound-feet of torque. The Commodore, of course, was the basis for the now-deceased Pontiac G8.

The price of the package is the equivalent of a cool $44,975, but for that, customers also receive a full no-cost drivetrain warranty for vehicles still under HSV's new-car warranty, plus a WP 3-inch, two-stage exhaust system and a lowered suspension kit.

Cosmetic upgrades include WP unique new 20-inch alloy wheels, carbon-fiber fender vents, hood scoops, mirrors and hood header, WP engine covers and a slim carbon-fiber rear deck spoiler.

Inside Line says: Fast, collectible times Down Under. We're starting to miss the G8 GXP all over again. — Mike Jarvis, Correspondent